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Machine Learning Tutorial: Build Machine Learning Applications

Learn to Build Intelligent Apps with Machine Learning and Core ML

What Will You Learn?
  • Learn to code how the PROs code - not just copy and paste
  • Build Real Projects - You'll get to build projects that help you retain what you've learned
  • Build awesome apps that can make predictions
  • Build amazing apps that can classify human handwriting

If you are super keen on building more intelligent apps using Machine Learning, this new foundational framework is one to take advantage of!

A lot of people ask: ‘What is machine learning?’ Well, think about it as programming a machine to mimic the human mind! Machine learning applications include object and image identification, predictive analysis, and speaker identification. The powerful capabilities of machine learning have not gone unnoticed by the guys at Apple. Core ML is amongst the new interesting features available on the iOS 11 platform.

Dive into what is, very well, the most comprehensive course available on Core ML and start building apps that learn and mimic the human mind! In this Python machine learning tutorial, you are sure to learn all you need to start building “thinking apps” and predictive Machine Learning models on your own.

Who can take this Python machine learning tutorial?
This course is for anyone interested in Machine Learning The course is perfect for people who want to build amazing machine learning applications, start-up founders, business owners, and people looking to get full-time jobs as developers of machine learning applications, College students, and even Teenagers who are enthusiastic about the “What is machine learning” question.

Getting Started with the Course
If you are keen on building AI-enabled applications, Core ML is the most logical step forward. Machine Learning basically puts your apps on steroids! Correctly applying ML in your app development gives your apps an almost unfair edge against the competition. This Python machine learning tutorial treats both machine learning basics as well as more advanced topics. More importantly, this course takes a hands-on approach to teach how to build your first machine learning application. The best way to learn how to build something is to whip out the tools and get to work, learn from mistakes, and get to work again. This is the exact route you should take to master how machine learning works!

What will I Learn?
  • How to code the way the pros do - not just copy and paste projects!
  • Build Real Projects - You'll get to build projects that help you retain what you've learned
  • Build an awesome machine learning applications that can make predictions
  • Build amazing apps that can classify human handwriting
  • How to build a classification model allow your apps to make predictions
  • Be proficient at python machine learning

Course content
This course is comprehensive, and covers all the following aspects and more:

  1. Machine Learning basics and Core ML
  2. Foundational python and Python Machine Learning
  3. How to build a neural network for your machine learning application that can classify human writing
  4. Core ML concepts for building an ML Model
  5. Machine Learning and AI for developing iOS apps
  6. Images to Apples pre-trained model - MobileNet

Special Features
A community of learners does a lot to improve the engagement students have with this Python machine learning tutorial. With a free live community, you can interact extensively with other students and work out creative and unconventional solutions to exciting machine learning problems.

You can get these books in a free way

  • Basic experience with iOS development OR
  • Basic experience with mobile development
  • A computer running OSX or macOS
  • As you can already see from the requirements, you don’t need a lot to get started! Have a go at it today!

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