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Unity Database Tutorial: The Ultimate Unity PHP & MySQL Course

Unity database made easy: learn Unity MySQL, create an authentication or login system for your game, understand how to use SQL to store, fetch data from the database

What Will You Learn?
  • Build a Professional Backend Layer to Save and Fetch Data for Your Unity Video Game
  • How to Use MySQL and PHP as a Solid Data Layer to Communicate with Unity
  • Basics of PHP for Unity
  • Basics of MySQL for Unity
  • Quick Setup of PHP and MYSQL for Unity

So, you've finished a few Unity tutorials and created a game. Now, you would like to set up an authentication system, or a Unity login system for it but don't know how? This is the Unity database tutorial for you!

Through this Unity database integration course, you'll discover how to create a backend layer to store and retrieve data for your video games. You'll learn PHP, Unity, MySQL basics and understand how Unity interacts with other systems. And all you need is a few hours and a passion for learning! All the programs used in this PHP Unity tutorial are free to download and use.

Beginner-Friendly Course on Unity, Database and SQL
All of the steps will be explained slowly and steadily in video lectures. Therefore, you won't need to look for any extra materials or Unity tutorials. This course provides everything you need to learn PHP, Unity, MySQL, SQL for authentication purposes.

Unity database tutorials are useful for understanding how authentication systems are created. Furthermore, they're also an excellent tool not only to learn Unity, MySQL but also SQL and PHP as well as how these languages work together. And this course, in particular, makes it super easy to understand all of those concepts.

Learning SQL or PHP or any other programming language on your own might seem like a tricky task. However, with some help, it's not that difficult. And you'll be learning by working on an actual project. Therefore, it will be a far more rewarding journey.

Authentication Systems for Successful Online Games
Authentication systems are needed to allow users to access your game from any device. It is a tool for developers and users to retrieve log in data like email and password as well as game-related assets such as weapons, resources, gear, and so on. Leading MMORPG games like Diablo, Runescape, and World of Warcraft are based on such authentication systems.

To create an authentication system for a video game, you'll be using MySQL services. Many huge organizations like Facebook, Adobe, and Google rely on MySQL. It is one of the most popular open-source databases in the world. MySQL helps to ensure high performance on websites as well as packaged software.

SQL Fundamentals
SQL or Structured Query Language is used to access and manipulate databases. SQL can retrieve, insert, delete, and update information in a database as well as create new Unity database integration and tables, stored procedures in them. SQL is a query language. Therefore, it works a bit differently than programming languages. Learning SQL and how it varies from programming languages will help you utilize it most efficiently. And this course has an excellent Unity SQL tutorial that will help you master the most crucial basics.

SQL is pretty much as complicated or as easy to learn as any programming language. It can be difficult if you're trying to do it all on your own through dull mechanical tasks. However, it can be easy if someone is helping you. This is one of the very few Unity database tutorials that will make learning SQL fun and rewarding!

Safety First in Unity and Used Database!

Now, you might ask why you need to use PHP instead of connecting Unity to the database straight away. This question and many others will be answered in this tutorial. However, to give you an idea, I'll tell you that it's a way to make the information far more secure. If you use a PHP Unity layer, the database isn't exposed directly to the players of your game. That stops many cases of cheating and account theft.

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