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Complete PhoneGap Tutorial: Learn How to Create Mobile Apps

How to Create a Mobile App with PhoneGap

What Will You Learn?
  • How to Use PhoneGap to Create Mobile Apps
  • How to Use PhoneGap Desktop Apps to Test Other Apps
  • How to Store Data in the On-device Database
  • How to Build Apps that Work on iOS and Android

Mobile games and apps are fascinating for their purposes, stories, and usability. However, you might have an excellent idea for an app, but you don't know how to build it? Do you want to have the skills to create apps for Android and iOS? Then, you are lucky because this PhoneGap tutorial will help you achieve these goals without the need to learn another programming language! All you need to begin are the basics of JavaScript and HTML.

PhoneGap uses JavaScript, CSS, and HTML5 to help you develop the mobile app you want. Through this PhoneGap tutorial, you'll learn everything from project creation to the completion of your app without rushing and with excellent explanations if you never used PhoneGap before. Simple as that!

Easily Develop Apps with PhoneGap
The mobile applications you will be creating through this PhoneGap tutorial with PhoneGap will be no joke. They will be full-fledged apps that will be able to do a lot. For example, they will be able to interact with the hardware of the device like the geolocation, camera, and accelerometer. Your apps will manage to connect to the operating system of the iOS or Android device to use the Bluetooth and even make calls! PhoneGap is a solid gold system for any future developer to know, as it is quick, easy-to-understand, and can produce extremely handy apps in a short amount of time.

The PhoneGap tutorial is designed to be practical, so you will be able to follow the tips easily. We will teach you how to use Adobe PhoneGap to test your apps on your tablet or another smart device. Additionally, you can download the examples that you will find in this Phonegap app tutorial to use for yourself. You will be dealing with the hardware of your phone and interact with API’s that real professional developers use on a daily basis. These include such applications as Google Maps and Google Play.

Outsmart the Developers: Learn PhoneGap
If you have basic knowledge of HTML5 and JavaScript, after this Adobe PhoneGap tutorial, you will manage to build apps with the use of Washington Transit API and the Adobe PhoneGap library. We will teach you how to integrate taps, swipe, pan, and press gestures into your application, as well as, complete pre-release testing of it. Do not waste your time trying to learn a new programming language in a day and choose what's already on the market.

Through this course, you'll figure out how to use PhoneGap to suit your needs and how to build a PhoneGap app. Don't worry if you don't understand something on the first take. This PhoneGap tutorial is designed for you to take breaks and comprehend the information for longer if you need it. Attentively check out the given examples and try them yourself to deepen your skills while working with Adobe PhoneGap. Although the software is quite easy to master, only practice makes perfect therefore, you should not forget to do so. If you work hard on the skills you acquire through this Adobe PhoneGap tutorial, you'll definitely be able to get some nice profit later on!

So, do you want to figure out how to use PhoneGap to your advantage and how to build a PhoneGap app? Become better than your competitors and take the exclusive opportunity to learn how to build apps and games with PhoneGap. Take this Phonegap app tutorial now and start learning!

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