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Comprehensive Kotlin Tutorial: Start Building Fully Functional Apps

Learn Kotlin Online: an Expressive, Concise & Powerful Development Language in this Kotlin Android tutorial

What Will You Learn?

  • How to build professional, fully functional apps using Kotlin
  • How to submit apps to the Google Play store
  • You'll be able to apply for Jr. Android app developer jobs

Are you ready to become a savvy Android programmer? Then take this Kotlin course! Kotlin is a powerful, concise, and expressive programming language for Android. This Kotlin Android tutorial will teach you all about Kotlin, taking you from the beginner's stage with little or no prior coding experience to more advanced aspects. After completion of this Kotlin for beginners course and sufficient practice, you will be well equipped to take on the role of a Junior Android developer.

An Android Kotlin Tutorial for Everyone
Whether you have zero knowledge of Android development, or you have some experience coding with Java, or want to refresh your skills with Android Kotlin, this Kotlin course can help fast-track your career! This Kotlin for beginners tutorial will teach you everything from learning the fundamentals of Kotlin to building awesome real-world apps that could get listed on Google PlayStore! You will learn the foundations of Kotlin such as Strings, Variables, Classes, Inheritance, Collections, Lambda Expressions, and custom drawable.

This Kotlin tutorial will break down complex concepts into a series of easy-to-follow lessons and practicals that will educate and enhance your knowledge of the Android platform. And you will have fun while learning too as the course is enriched with lessons, quizzes, and unusual projects. Don't forget about the exercises and practical skills you will take from this Kotlin Android tutorial! Completed projects will impress any recruiter that comes across your resume or portfolio.

Why Learn Kotlin Online?
Kotlin is one of the top open-source languages in Android with its community and documentation. It's popularity shot up once Google announced support for it. It is a concise coding language: you tend to need fewer lines to write code, which saves time and allows you to be more productive. Moreover, you can use Kotlin with various Java libraries.

To start learning Android Kotlin, you don't need any prior experience of building an Android app with Java. You can choose to build an app in Kotlin and launch it, or you can import an app written in Java programming language. This Kotlin tutorial first whets your appetite with an Android studio tutorial before diving comprehensively into topics on Kotlin foundation, constraint layout, local hosting APIs, terminal and version control, activity lifecycle, and much more! Choose this Kotlin Android tutorial if you want to learn:

  • How to install Android Studio with SDK and IntelliJ
  • Kotlin basics
  • Layouts
  • Terminal and Version Control
  • List and Recycler views
  • Activity UI
  • Local Hosting API
  • Submit your Android apps to the Google Play store
  • How to apply for a Junior Android Developer role

Extra Features to Help You Learn Kotlin Online
The Devslopes chatroom feature is always available for learners after signup to this Kotlin tutorial. It gives you access to a community of thousands of passionate Android developers like yourself! You can ask questions and share your ideas about all aspects of the Kotlin course. Your questions don't have to be limited to Kotlin. There are many experts ready to guide you in solving any challenge you may encounter while taking the lessons, and while developing your Android app.

The community is available 24/7, and the tutor is also online to answer all challenging questions. By signing up for the Kotlin tutorial and joining the chatroom, you will be exposed to updates on the course and discover available fulltime and remote job positions from around the world.

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