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Voice Search Optimization Strategies for Businesses and eCommerce Websites

Learn how to optimize for voice search and beat your competitors with clever optimization strategies

What Will You Learn?

  • How to rank higher in search engines for voice and local searches
  • How to take advantage of Smart Home device searches
  • How to get more traffic by targeting voice searches

Voice search function allows you to search the web by a voice command instead of typing your search query into the selected engine. Speech recognition started developing at the end of the 19 century when devices were only capable of recognizing several words. Nowadays, technologies for speech recognition are leading to the necessity of voice search optimization. 

What does this mean? Well, voice search optimization refers to strategies that people apply to improve their rankings for voice search. Since voice search dramatically improves user experience, it is no surprise that an increasing number of people choose to speak as opposed to type. You want to get on that train as well to attract more people to your site. Since voice and SEO optimization frequently overlap, you will learn how to rank higher in traditional search results as well. 

What is a voice search? 
This voice search course aims to help your website rank higher than ever. However, before you embark on a journey to improve ranking, you should learn more about voice searches in general. 

Voice searches go like this:
A person opens a search engine (let’s say Google). You can do this on both computers and mobile devices. 
Then, the user clicks on the microphone icon next to the space for typing search queries.
The person says, “ok, Google” to activate the system. Then, the user says the keywords. 
Google uses speech recognition and determines the best suitable websites/articles/images for your search. 
You, as a business owner, SEO or marketing specialist, want your website to be ranked higher than your competitors. That is when voice search optimization becomes very important. 
In this course on how to optimize for voice search, you will learn that there are two types of devices designed for voice searches. Additionally, there are three kinds of searches as well. As a small hint, I can already tell you that we will be talking about social/convenience, local business, and eCommerce searches. The last type is the most relevant in this course. 

How to optimize for voice search: simple tricks 
Voice and SEO optimization go hand in hand. Most of the traditional strategies you apply for making your website rank higher in the organic results are relevant to the voice search optimization. There are special recommendations for the structure of your content that leads to more traffic.
For instance, you should make sure that your website loads quickly because all search engines give priority to such pages. Additionally, it is best to write your content in short sentences and use easy vocabulary. Do not go off saying that something is arduous or contumacious when you can use other words instead. 

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What will you find in this course?
In this voice search course, you will learn everything you need to take your website to those higher spots in the search results. By writing relevant, clear-cut, and easy-to-understand content, you are already more likely to get a better position. However, there are some delicate aspects of voice search optimization that you should know about. 

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